Caressa Kisses Reviews

Reviews from some of my wonderful encounters.

I went to the ranch a few times before. Beautiful women, but they just didn’t have that spark I was looking for. It was impossible to relax and I could never orgasm.

I contacted a woman who goes by Caressa Kisses. She was so patient with me we talked every day for about 3 months. I was so excited, and let me tell you guys she looks exactly as good in person as she does in media or photos. Hell, even better.

So we met each other late in the afternoon. I was so nervous I could barely walk. We talked for a few, did a tour, then went back to her room.

She then got on top of me. She made me feel so relaxed, just the foreplay alone was almost enough to make me orgasm. We then got into the good part it didn’t take to long before this lovely goddess gave me my first orgasm.

We then took the party back to her lovely place and we made passionate love in her bedroom! Once again, I orgasm. Wow, I was so amazed!

We hung out and had a very romantic time together. And just before I had to go home, I had the most passionate sex with her once more. And another miracle me 3rd orgasm. Then the only bad part of all this was, it had to end. I kissed her goodbye.

However, I knew in my heart I had to see her again. So, before I had to go back home, I saw her one last time. We had a short party with her lips that felt so good. Her body is so smooth and wonderful, with a nice spanky booty.

I orgasmed twice with her in less than an hour this time.

I read her a poem and I couldn’t help but weep and cry. My heart goes out to you Caressa. You are a miracle in my life to make me fill confident enough and calm enough to orgasm. It was a miracle that nobody else could achieve.

My heart is broken cause I miss you so much. I love you dear always and forever.

Sincerely Austin

P.S. I left a pair of my socks and cool whip at your house. You can keep them. LOL!


And Caressa was my Queen!

Let me start by saying I arrived in Reno with the plan of having a party with one of the bunnys on Friday and then a party on Sunday with Caressa and another Bunny for my first 3some. This was my first trip ever to the Bunny Ranch or any brothel for that matter. Sadly my Friday visit was less than I could have hoped for. So much so that i cancelled my party for Sunday.

The day I cancelled my party, Caressa contacted me to make sure all was ok? I shared with her my disappointing experience from Friday. She convinced me to keep our appointment on Sunday. I chose to keep the party between the two of us. She assured me that I would have a great time.


Her petite, soft, perfectly curved body and mouth watering breasts stole my heart, mind and body. I was a bit shy at first, but as she started with a lap dance, she took my hands and placed them exactly where she knew I wanted them to be. Before long I let loose and felt at peace and ease with her. I was in the moment, a moment i wish would never end.

I also learned why Caressa often ends her communication with “Naughty Thoughts”. After the things she did to me (whatever your imagination is thinking of, the answer is yes), NAUGHTY THOUGHTS IS ALL I’M HAVING. That’s because of her.

What should be said, is that because of medical issues and the medication I’m taking for pain, its difficult to maintain an erection. Caressa told me she could help me overcome that with a number of techniques and remedies she has learned over the years. SHE WASN’T KIDDING! She blew my mind and other things if you catch my drift.

Additionally, her petite body frame is especially nice for those who may be dealing with chronic pain such as myself. She is as lite as a feather.

I would never try to mislead anyone, especially when your hard earned cash is at stake! If you want to assure yourself of the hottest, mind blowing experience, and i mean HOT, Caressa is your girl. I’ll be seeing her again as soon as my work schedule permits.

P.S. Caressa used this sweet tasting powder on all her tantalizing parts and mine. DAMN, THAT WAS HOT. I had that sweet scent on my face all the way to my Hotel (45min drive). I hated having to shower. You will too!!!


You’re such an amazing woman and I just hope this can describe 1 percent of how much u mean to me.

Well first off your a very beautiful woman your long blond hair, your beautiful smile, those amazing green eyes that just hypnotize me every time I look at them.

Your firm perky breasts that fill so amazing, you have a firm nice spank able booty, that I could play with all day long.

I also adore your beautiful perky pouty lips. Every inch of your body is absolutely perfect to me. So we’ve talked about your physical beauty now let’s talk about what’s inside.

First off you have such a fun playful, joking personality you just crack me up you should be a comedian on the side. I really enjoy your hospitality you really put me at ease you are like an instant shot of relaxation.

You are very sweet and caring and you have always tried your best to work with me, even though I can be difficult at times.

I love the way you treat me. You’re very patient and you always help me out in anyway you can. You are such a great lover, and the sex with you is absolutely pure bliss. My heart beats very fast while you ride me like a cowgirl. You are very flexible and I love to be able to do you in multiple positions it fills like every nerve in my body is tingling with pure joy and ecstasy.

The blow jobs are amazing to I love to see those amazing perky pouty lips around my sausage. I love having sex with you in so many different ways I don’t know where to start. I’m at loss for words you are the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes, inside and out. I want the whole world to know just how awesome and amazing of a woman you are.

You have made me fill like no other woman has been able to make me fill. I don’t fill pressured and I fill completely free while I’m with you. You’re very open to absolutely anything I want to do or talk about.

Anytime I felt like my world was completely over you cheered me up you’ve done things for me that you didn’t have to do and I appreciate all of your effort you have put into our friendship you really go above and beyond.

Your beautiful caring loving compassionate and overall the woman I cant resist and I want to see you over and over again. I just cant get enough of you. I was going to say a lot more but this is getting pretty long id be writing forever.

Sincerely Austin


The image I can’t get out of my head is looking down on the top of Caressa Kisses’ platinum blonde head while she applied a condom to my manhood—with her mouth!

I mean no hands (those were grabbing my buns) while her mouth, with those luscious lips, applied that condom from tip to stem—her tongue scrolling along the shaft during the process—Mind Blowing!

But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s go back to the start.

I first met Caressa online. I was curious about the Bunny Ranch, fell for Caressa instantly but wanted to see for myself, if she was the kind of girl I actually wanted to invest time and money in—I’m no fool, I realize looks can be deceiving.

But Caressa lived up to every imaginable platform I’d set for myself. She was sweet, intelligent, saucy but not dirty. And frankly, she exceeded my expectations when she suggested that I create a list, a top-ten list of all the things I’d like to do. She told me not to be shy or bashful about it either; to really explore my fantasies and desires.

Well I did and guess what? We did! Yep, we went through that list and then some! I stayed with Caressa for two-whole days and the action seemed to never stop.

This woman is the real deal—100%. If you are a discerning gentleman, whether experienced with women or not. I strongly urge you to book with this absolutely stunning and sexual lady.


This may be somewhat unconventional, but I am inspired by some of Caressa’s latest reviews, to chime in with my own review, even though I have yet to meet Caressa and all my contact has only been by email or messages.

From our first contact where I explained to her my special needs (I’m disabled), she has been very sweet, kind, caring, and accommodating. Though I initially contacted her due to her gorgeous pictures; my attraction quickly changed to admiration of the beautiful soul that dwells within. I believe her to be genuinely sweet, caring, understanding, and passionate.

I am neither naive nor easily swayed by words alone, and understand that Caressa’s job depends on her ability to sweet talk a gentleman into becoming her client. While her talk was ever so sweet, I felt it to be entirely genuine in coming from her heart.

As we continued to communicate and I threw various monkey-wrenches into the process of seeing her (mostly due to personal reasons related to my health and disability), she was very understanding and bent over backwards to accommodate my needs- she did not have to do this, each time I gave her a graceful way to bow out, she chose not to but rather responded with class, grace, and kindness. I believe this to be a reflection of who she truly is as a person.

Fellas- Do not be intimidated by her external beauty, but trust that the beauty inside her will treat you with understanding, kindness, and the respect you deserve. So if you have been mistreated in the past by beautiful women, do not be afraid that she might do the same; if you treat her with respect she will return it with equal or greater respect and kindness. I strongly recommend that you contact her and be amazed by the journey she will lead you on. I am eagerly awaiting continuing my journey with Caressa.

While I am sure that many of the other ladies at the ranches are also kind and caring, I believe Caressa to be unique. Caressa is one of the most beautiful and remarkable human beings I have ever been in contact with.


At last we meet, Caressa, my sublimely sweet yet oh so naughty treat. For too many years you have been the amorous angelic apparition that has haunted my heart and possessed my divine dreams yet always eluded my eager grasp. Once upon a time, I foolishly hesitated to act upon my deepest desire to follow my heart and pursue my delicious dreams of you, allowing you to slip away from my awaiting arms for what I woefully thought would be forever. It was an inaction that I have always regretted and never quite recovered from. So when, from out of the magical mists of time, you miraculously reappeared into my always hopeful life, there was no way I was going to let you escape my empty arms once again. I immediately embraced this second chance to live my fantasy of sharing a few precious moments in time intimately intertwined with one another. And now, finally, the redeeming reality of my long lived fantasy has mercifully replaced all my regrets. And let me just emphatically proclaim to all that the arousing reality of Caressa in my life far exceeds the phenomenal fantasy! ?

Caressa is the ultimate aphrodisiac! She is a genuine Southern Comfort Sweetheart with a heart as big as Texas, wrapped in a sinfully stunning body designed by the devil himself! ? But, Caressa is not just a centerfold sweetheart, although that she surely is! She also embodies a passionate playful spirit, combined with exhilarating erotic skills, that take naughty to a whole new level of nirvana! As calming and comforting as Caressa’s nurturing personality is, her naughty nature is even more arousing. Caressa is an erotic energizer bunny who will have your body hopping in ecstasy and pleading for more! Caressa is endearingly all about pleasing her lucky partner in the most intimate ways imaginable and this delightfully determined dynamo definitely knows how to get her way! Caressa will lavish you with her luscious lip clinging kisses that are as soft and sensual as a warm south seas summer breeze and tenderly touch you with her caring caresses in all your most sensitive places, quickly taking you to new heights of personal pleasure. But do not despair if your response comes too rapidly – she is that good – because Caressa is more than willing to repeat her partner pleasing process over and over again until all your desires are fulfilled. That is just what this compassionate cutie is all about!

And even after your physical pleasure has peaked for the final time and your waning spasms of ecstasy begin to subside, Caressa’s attentions do not diminish. She continues her heartfelt concern for your wellbeing, bringing you back down to earth ever so gently, tenderly holding your trembling torso next to hers until your reeling senses slowly steady and you are able to utter some semi-coherent gasps of gratitude to this glorious goddess of giving. Simply stated, Caressa is a golden ray of sunshine who will melt your heart, ignite your passions and light up your life with her radiant beauty and caring warmth!

Ladies and gentlemen, I generally don’t kiss and tell, but a kiss from Caressa is a taste of pure bliss and a sweet sensual treat that you don’t want to miss! I’ll be forever grateful that I got a second chance to find out first-hand. Thank you, Caressa, from the deepest depths of my very happy heart!!! And welcome back – Ill see you again very soon, Sweetheart!


Let’s just say that I’m over sixty but not quite sixty-nine! I recently had the pleasure of indulging in the company of Caressa Kisses at the Bunnyranch brothel outside of Reno, Nevada.

I had perused the vast website, wanting a bit of discretion and therefore hoping to avoid the more public line-up provided by the Ranch.
While the site offered up many wonderful options; woman of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity, I was stopped in my tracks by the images and personalized description of the aforementioned Ms. Kisses.

What a stunner and what an articulate, passionate young lady. I knew immediately whom I wished to spend my time with.

Initially I had portioned out a block of hours, more than enough to satisfy my thirst, or so I thought. Frankly, from the moment of our first embrace and the taste of her lips and mouth on mine I knew I’d better clear my schedule indefinitely (I wound up spending two nights with this dream of a girl).

In person Caressa was everything the site had promised and then some. She was both articulate and dripping sexuality. She was a good listener (which is very rare these days) and an even more accommodating provider than I’d even dreamt anyone could be.

While I have quite a lot of experience in matters of the flesh, Caressa was all about exploring some facets I’d only fantasized about. We did it all!!!

I can assure you this little fountain of youth brings out the best in her men. By the second day I didn’t want to let her go. My God, her flesh, that face, the mouth, those piercing green eyes. I’m telling you I felt twenty-something again. I had the stamina and drive of a much younger man and I give all credit to Caressa.

I want to thank you Caressa, for making this “senior citizen” quite the young buck, if only for 48-hours. I will be back. and yes, I suppose I am endorsing others, like me, to party with you—though I admit to a tinge of jealousy in saying so.

You’re the best, much love and admiration

Your Dirty Old Man


I’ve been in Nevada for a few days and yesterday I saw my sweetheart Caressa.

First she picked me up and we went and ate some Vietnamese, then we went back to her place and had some great sex.

We went to a yogurt place and ate the most sweetest desert I’ve ever tasted, besides Caressa of course. No one beats her.

We watched a comedy movie then we had the best sex of my life. This woman gets my wheels turning and I love her blowjobs.

I love the intercourse and she had so many orgasms, she’s like a gushing well. We were both sweating by the time we were done.

She has brought me so far sexually, I’m getting so much better at pleasing her and other women. Then we went to a steakhouse got some great food and a few drinks.

Then at the very end we cuddled and kissed in her bed talking about my hopes and dreams, telling her what’s on my mind.

She is amazing, just looking into her eyes and smiling at me makes me happy. I love when she holds my hand she really makes me feel loved. She shows me so much affection.

With the sex appeal and the nice sweet personality u can’t beat that. Luv u babe and let’s have a fun roll in the hay Thursday. Let’s make every minute count.

Babe if there is anything I can do for u please ask me. I want all of u to know whether your looking for 30 minutes of fun or a day or a week etc.

Caressa is the best I put my bottom dollar that Caressa is the most reasonable with budgets and she always goes beyond any clients expectations.

So come out and see her u won’t regret it.


I haven’t seen Caressa in a while, but I have seen a drastic change in my life. I have paranoia schizophrenia and severe depression. I felt like my life had no meaning. I was always sad and sometimes I felt like I didn’t even want to exist. I would constantly worry about every little thing or every possibility about any insignificant thing that happened in my day to day life.

I was about to get into some things that could have completely ruin my life or worse. Then, I met an angel last week and she warmed my empty sad heart. She gave me the love and compassion that no one ever bothered to even consider. She gave me the confidence and bravery that I needed in my life.

She made me fill comfortable and I felt like all my worries were being washed away. She made me fill like I had a reason to live and a purpose. I love this amazing woman because without her I might not even be here today. She saved me right before I was about to fall into the abyss.

When I think of Caressa I don’t just think of a beautiful woman with a body of a goddess, I also think of her soft gentle kindness, the way she makes me fill special and like I really matter.

The intimate times she can give me that no other woman could possibly do. She can make me fill at ease even when I felt like my world was over. But most of all she’s been patient with me this whole time and has never let me down she is one of very few people that.

I actually trust in this world. I was able to face everyone with complete confidence, my boss, co-workers or even the owner of the company.

I never felt intimidated by anyone today because of the confidence Caressa gave me. I am a better man because of her. I love her with all my heart. If she can fix someone as messed up as me I am sure anyone that comes to her for a party will always fill better. I bet my bottom dollar on that. Thank you Caressa I love you bunches and hope I can do anything I can for you. You saved my life and you are the best thing to ever happen in my life. I really do mean that.

Sincerely Austin


Visiting Dallas this week on business and decided to stay a few days longer to have some fun.
So I jumped online to see what hotties might be available in the Galleria area, and man did I strike it rich!

Her name is Caressa Kisses – A beautiful blonde with a smoking hot body built for pleasure.
My only hope was that she looked as good as her photos.

We arranged to meet in the lobby of the hotel I was staying at, near the Dallas Galleria.
This would give me a chance to check her out as she arrived, and you can bet I was watching the cars pull in from inside the hotel lobby.

She arrived in a very expensive-looking Mercedes Benz and the doorman rushed over to open her door.
What emerged was a stunning figure of a class of beauty. Her attire made me think of a high-end sexy businesswoman from New York. Ultra professional and sexy all at the same time. I remember thinking Holy Shit!

I met her at the door as she entered the lobby and when she saw me, she smiled as if we were two lovers the haven’t seen each other in months.
She walked straight up to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and landed a wonderful hello kiss, right on the lips, in front of everyone.
Needless to say she felt incredible. Like I was going out with a movie star.

We headed to the bar for a drink and some chit-chat, to get comfortable with each other. But here’s the thing… From the moment she walked into the lobby, she acted like my girlfriend. Anyone watching would have sworn we were a couple. She really knew how to make me comfortable and special.

After chatting for a while, I asked her to recommend a nice restaurant for dinner, and she suggested The Oceanaire Seafood Room, which was nothing short of amazing, just like her. Everything was top-shelf, including my date. Caressa is a highly sophisticated woman who enjoys in-depth conversation and loves to laugh and have a good time.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and checked into the spa for a couples massage, which was really exciting, due only to who I was with.
I’m telling you… Caressa is a girl that you want to be seen with. Having her on your arm is a massive ego boost!

After the massage, we headed back to my room, and let me tell you, she took control from the moment we entered the room.
Not in a domineering way, it was very seductive, very tantalizing, and incredibly erotic. The only way to describe it is… two lovers that hadn’t seen each other in six months.

The evening ended with us both falling asleep naked in bed for the night.

The next morning, I was awakened by this goddess in between my legs for another round of incredible pleasure.

In closing, I can tell you, I travel a lot, and I see girls on a fairly regular basis.
Caressa is in a class of her own. There’s no one to compare her to.

If you want to really treat yourself to something that will last in your memories, go on a date with Caressa Kisses.

Thanks Caressa
Matt Logan

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